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Top Five Reasons To Experience Helen, GA’s Oktoberfest

Helen, Georgia is famous far and wide for its’ Bavarian theme and small-town charm. Best known for the popular Oktoberfest which is held every year from mid-September through the end of October, if you have not visited “Alpine Helen” at that time of year, here is why you should. Read More >



Tips For Bringing Your Pet To A Pet Friendly Cabin

At Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals in Helen, Georgia, we’ve always been pet-friendly, and we always will be! We love pets, and welcome them, but there are a few things guests should know before hand to ensure a pleasant vacation with pets along. Here’s a few tips we have learned over the years that may help:

Verify the cabin is pet friendly– Most cabins, regardless of the rental agent, are owned by individual owners. Whether or not to allow pets is up to the owner’s preference, and should be indicated in the cabin rental description online. For example, most of our cabins at Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals are pet friendly; for the ones that are not, it will say “No Pets Allowed” in the description. If you are not sure, please inquire before booking to ensure your pet will be welcome.

Most rental agents do charge a “pet fee”, but most are reasonable, considering the additional time and effort necessary to clean after pets have been in a cabin (pet hair, paw prints, etc). Not all renters have pets, and cabins must be made presentable for the next guest.

Please respect the “No pets” rule when indicated, and choose a pet friendly cabin for your stay. You will enjoy peace of mind and won’t have to worry about being charged additional fees or being asked to leave and disrupting your stay. Most cabin rental agents take the “no pets” rule seriously, as it is their responsibility to care for the cabins on their program.

Read the Rules Before Booking- and read them again before you head out on your trip. Rules for pet owners are listed on the rental website and are there for your convenience and safety. Knowing the rules in advance will make it easier for you and your pet to enjoy your vacation.

What to Bring With You- You will want to bring items to secure your pet when necessary, such as a leash and a crate. Pets may be family members, but they may behave unpredictably when in a strange place, especially when left alone. There have been instances where pets have caused minor or even major damage to a cabin because they were left alone in a room or on a deck while their owners went into town. Owners are responsible for any and all damage to a cabin caused by a pet. Also, if there is an emergency and maintenance or office staff have to enter a cabin, an uncrated pet can pose a danger. Most rental agents take the “secure your pets” rule very seriously.

You can take your pets into the town of Helen, Georgia, but most stores and restaurants have a “no pets” policy. Please check in advance at the individual establishment.

Other items to bring are pet food, toys, any medicines, and pet bedding. Most cabins do not allow pets on the furniture, so bring a blanket or large towel with you. Many pets feel comforted by the scent of their own blanket or towel, and it will also keep pet hair on furniture and comforters to a minimum. Flea and tick spray is highly suggested, as most cabins are in a wooded area. Check your pets thoroughly for fleas and ticks before entering the cabin.

Be courteous and safe- Future guests and rental staff will thank you for picking up after your pet! Please remove any pet waste near the cabin. Take care and be aware of your surroundings when out walking. There is wildlife in the area, and gravel roads or wooded paths may not be smooth. Please do not allow your pet to make excessive noise which may disturb others.

Above all, we want you to enjoy your vacation in the North Georgia Mountains, and bringing pets along is a way to do that. At Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals, we strive to strike a balance between accommodating pet owners and ensuring a great cabin rental experience for all. We hope these tips help, but for more information, visit our website or call our office at 706-878-1773 any day, 10 -5.





Top Five Autumn Activities - Fall Fun in Helen, Ga!

It is no secret that Autumn is one of the most popular times of the year to visit the North Georgia Mountains.  If you are planning a Fall vacation, here’s some idea of what awaits you near Helen, Georgia! Read More >




Top Five Places to Fish near Helen, Georgia

Fishing is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the North Georgia Mountains.

So to make things easy for visitors, here is a list of the Top Five Fishing Spots in or near Helen, Georgia:

The Chattahoochee River- depending on the time of year, you can fish right in Helen, or when tubing starts, go a little further north or south. The river does get stocked with fish at certain times, and trout season is from the end of March through the end of October every year. Several kinds of trout can be found, as well as catfish, bass, crappie and bream. There is a Trout Tournament every year in Helen to open the season, with prizes awarded.  For more info on the river, click here.

Duke’s Creek– maintained by Smithgall Woods, this is one of the most popular areas to fish. Considered “The Holiest of Holies” in Georgia Trout circles, it is rated as one of the top 100 trophy trout streams in the country. Duke’s Creek is catch and release only- so be sure to take a photo of that big one before you let it get away!

Smith Creek– this gorgeous creek runs from Unicoi State Park on down to where it meets the Chattahoochee River. Smith Creek has two sections – above the lake and below the lake – that allow trout fishing. There are brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout in the creek. The area above the lake is open during trout season (last Saturday in March through the end of October). It can be accessed from Anna Ruby Falls Road. To fish the section below the lake, you must obtain a permit at the front desk of Unicoi Lodge, purchase a park pass, and have a fishing license with a trout stamp. Fish can be harvested, according to state regulations, from May 15 to October 31. From November through May 14, there is only catch and release with the use of single hook artificial lures.

Which brings us to- Unicoi Lake- (which is only a few minutes’ drive from most of our cabins, hint, hint) is stocked with catfish, bass, and brim. You can fish from the bank or any of the six fishing docks around the lake. For more information on fishing in the State Park, click here.

Lake Burton– a short twenty minute drive from Helen, Lake Burton is a larger lake (2,775 acres) with more amenities. There are boat rentals or you can bring your own, or take a guided tour with one of the fishing guides. Trout and bass, especially spotted bass are common in the lake. Finish your day at the marina, by having a meal at the Chophouse restaurant or the snack bar downstairs.  For more information on Lake Burton fishing and other recreation, click here.

Important- For information on obtaining a Georgia Fishing License, click here.

Our last tip is for you to visit Unicoi Outfitters, just outside of Helen on Hwy 75. Their store is stocked with gear, and they also have guides available for the casual or more experienced level of fishing. They can do personal or group tours. It is a great place to start your fishing experience in the North Georgia Mountains!

Oops- one more tip- if you need a place to stay, we can help. Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals has one to four bedroom cabins close to all the above-mentioned fishing holes. Hot tubs, saunas, fire pits, and yes, wifi so you can post the pics of your conquests! Call 706-878-1773 or click here for our website. We’d love to hear about your fishing trip, so post pics on our Facebook page if you like. And best of luck in catching the “Big One”!




Best Places in North Georgia to Take Photos- Scenic Wonders Abound!

The North Georgia Mountains, especially the area surrounding Helen, are some of the best places to take memorable photos you’ll treasure forever. You’ll find you can get wonderful scenic shots with your camera or even fun selfies with your smartphone!

Here are just a few suggestions, favorites of locals and guests alike:

Water- Unicoi Lake, The Chattahoochee River, Anna Ruby Falls, and Lake Burton

Sights- The Indian Mound, Downtown Helen

Local mountains– Mt. Yonah, Trey Mountain, and other mountains that surround the Helen/Sautee Valley

Buildings- quaint churches, old barns, Nora Mill, and Historic Hardman Farm

Wildlife- deer, turkeys, and sometimes, bears (oh, my)!

Fauna- flowers, such as mountain laurel or dogwood; tall Georgia pines; deep, lush forests

The four seasons- colorful springs; lush, green summers; blazing fall foliage; winter’s stark beauty

Wineries- some of our North Georgia Wineries have outdoor areas or give tours to allow guests to enjoy the settings of their vineyards

So the next time you’re up this way, don’t forget to take lots of photos. If you need a place to stay, we can help! 1-4 bedroom cabins with tons of amenities, close to Helen and all the above places. And we can help direct you to most of the sites where you can take your photos.

Anything we missed? If you have great photos you’d like to share from your visit, please do so on our Facebook Page, Blue Ridge Cabins (of Helen, Ga.).



Come Stay In A Mountain Cabin And Do NOTHING!!

For a few years now, our Blog has been chock full of events, activities, information on where to shop or dine, and most everything you would want to know about Helen, Georgia. We are always happy to help you plan your North Georgia Mountain Getaway.

But you know what? Many of our guests that stay in our cabins choose to do very little while they are here, preferring instead to simply relax, unwind, and recharge before returning to the grind of everyday life.

And that is fine by us! So if you want to stay in your sweats or pajamas all weekend, you won’t be the first. You can:

Lounge on the sofa all day, watching movies. Most of our cabins have DVD players, and/or Wi-Fi; you can bring DVD’s or browse the selection of movies for rent at our office. Some cabins even have Netflix! (Ask when booking, or review the cabin’s page on our website). Most cabins have more than one TV, for your convenience.

Snuggle up and read a book, or catch up on that pile of magazines. Most cabins have some kind of deck furniture, rocking chairs, or swings so you can enjoy the fresh mountain air while you lounge or read. Or take a nap, whenever you like. You are on “Mountain Cabin Time”!

Ok, if you just cannot unplug, we understand. Most cabins have Wi-Fi, so bring your laptop or pad. Some cabins have gaming consoles or hook ups for them. (Please consult with our office when booking for specific configurations).

Most cabins have a hot tub, or Jacuzzi spa tub, or both. Relax and soak your cares away. Some cabins have saunas, too. You can even get a massage in your cabin from a local practitioner- contact A Superior Massage for details.

Prepare your favorite meals or snacks in the fully equipped kitchen, or use the grill (most are gas) if the weather is good. Eat al fresco (on the deck) or in the cabin. Just be sure to bring food and supplies with you (Betty’s Country Store, or NaNa’s Farmer’s Market in Helen are great places to stock up).

Enjoy the cabin’s indoor fireplace (in season only), or if there is an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you can make a fire at any time of year. You can purchase wood at time of reservation or at our office for hours of enjoyment.

Most cabins have some type of game table, such as pool, air hockey, or foosball, but you can always bring your favorite board game or cards.

Relaxing in a cozy, safe environment, where you are not bothered by that unending list of chores, unfinished household tasks, or reminders of other responsibilities, enables you to relax in way you just can’t get anywhere else. Look out the windows at the trees, the mountains in the distance…or sit on the deck and watch the world go by. You don’t have to worry about the clock (until check out time, that is)!

Although there is always fun to be had in Helen and the surrounding area, don’t feel pressured to do anything but be lazy on your vacation, if that is your choice. Our website has up to date photos and descriptions of our cabins and all they have to offer, but call our friendly Reservation Desk at 706-878-1773 if you are looking for something specific. It’s your vacation, and we’d love to help you plan it!




Hardman Farm- Historical Gem of the North Georgia Mountains

The property now known as Hardman Farm has a long and interesting history. Located at the junction of Hwy 17 and Hwy 75, just south of Helen, Georgia, the stately restored Historic Home sits among rows of black walnut trees, facing the iconic Indian Mound and proud Mount Yonah. Handed down through the generations, with much of the home and furnishings left intact, Hardman Farm is now open to the public for guided tours. The site is also used for special events, such as the Unicoi Wine Festival, usually held the first weekend in November.

Native Americans are believed to have used the site dating back to prehistoric times. In addition to the Indian Mound (the hill with a gazebo atop), excavations in 1915 unearthed 75 burials. Many years later, a Cherokee Indian village occupied the area near the Chattahoochee River, until Daniel Brown bought 2,000 acres from them in 1822. He later sold the property to Captain James Nichols, a civil war veteran, who built the original house. Called “West End”, he lived there with his wife and daughter (who is the namesake of Anna Ruby Falls).

In the years following, both the Hunnicut and Hardman families used the residence as a summer home, and at one time, it was a working dairy farm with over 100 cows. In addition to the authentically restored home, there are several outbuildings, including a spring house, kitchen, carriage house, dairy barn, and what used to be the servant’s quarters. The tour guides are quite knowledgeable, and it is interesting to see how folks lived in simpler times, keeping in mind that the Italianate-style home was lavish compared to the standards of the time. It was one of the most expensive homes in White County, in a prime location along the Unicoi Trail, a popular traveling route through the North Georgia Mountains.

The tour is worth the time and admission price, and a there is a small gift shop on the premises. For more information on tours and special events, please call Smithgall Woods at 706-878-1077. Or call us during your stay at Blue Ridge Cabins and we will be happy to help plan your vacation activities!





Hike The Appalachian Trail- Not Far From Helen, GA

Did you that one of the most well-known hiking trails in the world has its starting point (or end point, depending on your trek direction) near Helen, GA?

It’s true! In 2012, White County/Helen was designated by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC), along with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (GATC) as Georgia’s newest Appalachian Trail Community™. Being in close proximity to the trail, Helen is well positioned as a base for those who would like to hike for only a section, or as a starting point to hike the entire trail.

The Appalachian Trail (or A.T. for short), one of America’s favorite hiking trails, runs from Springer Mountain, which is 47 miles west of Helen, to Mount Katahdin in Maine, a total distance of 2,175 miles! The scenic trail angles northeast from Springer Mountain, and passes within nine miles of Helen. The trail can be reached by driving north out of Helen on State Roads 17 and 75, which are joined in that area. Park in the Unicoi Gap parking area, off the right side of the road, and follow the signs to the AT.

The A.T. was officially designated in 1937, and become a very popular trail, despite the length and challenges of terrain, wildlife, weather, and other hazards. The highest point is Clingman’s Dome, in Tennessee, at 6,643 ft above sea level; the lowest point in in New York, at Bear Mountain State Park, near the Hudson River, at 124 ft. above sea level. The trail crosses through fourteen states, of which eighty-eight miles are in Georgia.

You can choose to hike only a portion of the famous trail, but more ambitious hikers who would like to undertake a challenging overnight hike can walk the section that runs from Unicoi Gap, nine miles north of Helen, to Hogpen Gap. This is a 14-mile trek over gorgeous terrain from an elevation of 2,949 feet at Unicoi Gap to 3,450 feet at Hogpen. This is a moderately strenuous hike that could be accomplished with only one overnight stop, but in order to enjoy the hike more, many hikers spend two nights on the trail, using AT shelters at Low Gap and just north of Rocky Knob to camp.

You can also get to the trail easily, and see a part of history at the Walasi-Yi Center, an historic hostel for hikers, as well as a full service Outfitter. There is a section of the trail that begins as it crosses US 19 at Neel Gap and reaches the Mountain Crossings at Walasi-Yi Center. The trail actually travels through the building, and is the only place on the Appalachian Trail that does so.  You’ll find some bunks, supplies, stove fuels, showers, coin laundry and possibly internet access.   They will also hold your packages for a small donation. The building itself is worth a look, a stone structure that was built in the 1930’s by a logging company, and has served as an office, a restaurant, an Inn, an artist studio, and finally as an interpretive center and hostel. It was saved from demolition in 1977 by locals who lobbied to have it placed on the National Historic Register. Good thing, as it serves so many now and is a pleasure to visit!

There are many other great hiking trails around Helen, just ask us for info, 706-878-1773, or click here. From easy, leisure trails to the most famous and challenging trail in America, you can find them up here in the North Georgia Mountains!



Waterfalls in the North Georgia Mountains near Helen, GA

Waterfalls are one of those natural phenomenons that just seem magical. The rushing sound of the water, the misty coolness of the forest…time seems to have stopped when you are in the soothing presence of one of North Georgia’s majestic waterfalls.

There are several beautiful falls not far from the mountain town of Alpine Helen, Georgia.  A short drive from your cabin rental you will find the most visited waterfall in the area - Anna Ruby Falls.  Located in Unicoi State Park, this rare double waterfall is well worth the ½ mile hike up a paved foot path.

There are plaques along the trail with information about the plants and animals that live nearby, and also about the history of the area.   Legend has it the falls were named in the late 1800’s in honor of the deceased daughter of property owner John Nichols.  At one time, the falls and the creek below it were used as flumes in logging operations, evidence of which is still visible in the piles of logs along the creek.   There is plenty of parking and a gift shop, as well as picnic tables.  Hiking trails continue on from the falls throughout the Chattahoochee National Forest.  The falls are open most of the year, but please check with Unicoi State Park for hours of operation. Definitely plan on taking photos!

Duke’s Creek Falls is another popular waterfall not far from Helen.  Just off the Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway, a moderate hike (1.9 miles round-trip) will take you to the spectacular 300-foot drop of Duke’s Creek Falls.  The trail is well-maintained and there is an observation deck near the falls.  In summer or autumn, the canopy of trees provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy Mother Nature’s music, as the water tumbles over the rocks.

There are some waterfalls that are not so famous, but are local favorites. Folks who live near Helen in the North Georgia Mountains are well aware of the abundance of natural beauty in their backyard!  On Scenic Hwy 197, about a twenty minute drive from Helen, the Soque River runs along the highway.  If you stop to visit local landmark, The Mark of the Potter gift shop, you can venture out onto their viewing deck and see trout jumping about near a wide waterfall.  The shop used to be a working mill at one time, so it is interesting to tour and browse the handmade local items in the shop.  The waterfall is just a bonus, but why not stop by?

We said earlier that waterfalls seem magical, and the waterfall on Bean Creek Road is just that.  Well, local legend says so- that if you toss a coin in and make a wish, it will come true.  We know some folks who have sworn it works, for over fifteen years.  Why not try it?  Just follow Bean Creek Road (gravel) from the corner near our office on Hwy 356, and the waterfall will be on the right, with a place to pull to the side and park.  Take care on the narrow gravel road and  drive slowly.  It is a small waterfall, but it’s ours, and we love it.

This barely begins to describe the waterfalls worth hiking to in the North Georgia Mountains.  For a more comprehensive list, you can stop by the Helen Welcome Center when in town, or click here for more information.

And did you know that several of our cabins have their own private waterfalls?   They do, either by the hot tub or indoor Jacuzzi, designed to add a soothing element to your experience.  Waterfalls will be listed on each cabin’s individual page under amenities,  or you can call 706-878-1773 and our Reservationists will be glad to let you know which cabins have them.

We’d love to help you plan your stay in Helen, Ga.  Have you visited a local waterfall?  Which is your favorite?



A Taste of Helen- Gourmet Treats To Take Home From Helen, Georgia

When you are on vacation, mementos and souvenirs are a great way to take the essence of the place you are visiting home with you.  Another way to extend the “vacation” is to take home edible goodies and treats that you may not find anywhere else. There are many shops in Helen, Georgia and the surrounding areas that sell all kinds of yummy treats.  Here we have highlighted a few for your consideration and enjoyment.

Fox Winery is tucked away in one of the quaint little alleys off the main square in downtown Helen (near the Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen).  Their Tasting Room offers complimentary samples every day of delicious wines, from Sweet (try the blueberry) to Semi-Dry (Petticoat Red).  The Gourmet Shoppe next door features German chocolates and candies, European spices and seasonings, and 100+sauces and marinades.

Speaking of the Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen, you must stop by and try their delicious fudge, in more flavors than you can imagine.  They are also well-known, and with good reason, for their hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries (milk, dark, white, your choice).  Almond bark, toffee, candy apples….they even have a sugar-free section!  Try the free samples to get started.  We guarantee it will be difficult to walk out empty-handed!

Walk across the street and up the stairs to Helen’s newest purveyor of gourmet treats, The Alpine Olive Tree.  This unique shop is a Tasting Room- for olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  Gleaming metal canisters line the room and hold pure virgin olive oils in all sorts of flavors- mushroom sage, herbs de provence, blood orange, even butter-flavored!  We never knew olive oils came in so many tasty flavors.  The balsamic vinegars come in flavors that pair nicely with the oils to make dressings and marinades, such as pomegranate, raspberry, even dark chocolate (which was delicious by itself)!

The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, offering suggestions on how to use their products at home.  For example, the blood orange oil made the best dark chocolate brownies! They also sell their products online on their website, which is great because this stuff is addicting!

Looking for something really unique to take home, or as a snack while hiking or other outdoor activities?  The House of Jerky on the Square in Helen (across from where the horse and buggies park) has premium quality meats and other snacks.  In addition to several flavors of meat jerky, they have vegan and gluten-free jerky.  Varieties to try are beef, turkey, ostrich, alligator, wild boar, and even kangaroo.  Take some home or have it shipped.  They are open seven days a week.

This is the just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to delicious treats to try and to take home when visiting Helen.  What goodies do you like to get when you visit?  Let us know so we can spread the word to our guests that come to stay in our cabins.  Happy noshing!



Take a trip on the Georgia Wine Highway - Wineries and Vineyards in North Georgia

It’s no longer the best- kept secret in North Georgia – Georgia Wines are gaining in popularity and winning well-deserved awards.  A few of the wineries in North Georgia have been in business for many years, but over the past ten years, several new vineyards have been established and are growing grapes and producing fabulous wines of many varieties.

The “Georgia Wine Highway” was established to increase awareness of the various wineries and encourage travelers to plan a route to visit the vineyards and tasting rooms.  The “highway” begins in Braselton (near I-85 in Atlanta), and continues northward through several counties, including  White, Lumpkin, and Rabun.  The entire route covers several different wineries, but in this and future posts, we will focus on the ones closest to Helen, Georgia.  Our cabins provide a convenient place to stay when visiting some of the best Tasting Rooms on the Georgia Wine Highway.

The Georgia Winegrower’s Association hosts The Wine Highway Weekend at least twice per year, usually in March and December.  The participating wineries will be listed on their website, and participants pay a fee at the first tasting room they visit.  They receive a special souvenir glass they will use for the tastings, taking that glass from winery to winery, enjoying wine tastings, food and music.  It’s fun to have an agenda and vineyard-hop!  Each winery has its’ own unique setting and personality, not to mention the wide range of wines available for tasting, from sweet to very dry and everything in between.  Just remember to please drink responsibly, and bring your Designated Driver!

There are several reasons why the wine-making industry has flourished in Georgia.  The North Georgia Mountains combine an ideal climate, terrain, soil, and elevation to produce some of the best wines anywhere.  The area has often been compared to the Piedmont region of Italy, but if you visit in spring or fall, you may feel as though you have been transported to Napa Valley, California, as you gaze at the rolling hills covered with grapevines.

Most of the wineries hold special events throughout the year, such as the Annual Winefest at Habersham Winery in the spring and Crush Fest at Yonah Mountain Vineyards in at the end of summer.  We have covered these events previously in our posts- “Why is May the Best Time to Visit Helen, Georgia?” and “Festivals Galore- Events in September 2012 Helen, Georgia”.  We also provide updates on these and more current events on our Facebook and Google+ pages and on Twitter, so please follow us for the latest on your favorite Georgia Winery!

We will also be doing future posts spotlighting the wineries close to Helen, so follow this blog if you want find out more about what the wineries of North Georgia have to offer.

Happy Tasting!




Many folks have heard of Alpine Helen, Georgia.  But few people recognize what is fast becoming a tourist attraction and fun place to visit, all on its’ own…the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley.

The area south and west of Helen was originally inhabited by the Cherokee and Choctaw tribes.  Legend has it that the son and daughter of rival chieftains, a warrior named Sautee, and a “Princess” named Nacoochee, were forbidden by their parents to be together.  In a tragic tale reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, they ran away together to nearby Mount Yonah, and rather than be apart, leapt to their deaths.  They were reportedly buried under the Indian Mound that sits as a sentinel, at the intersection of Hwy 17 & Hwy 75, just south of Helen.  You can read more about the colorful history of this area on the website

Now, in 2012, the valley is a thriving community, just minutes from downtown Helen.  There is so much to tell you about the attractions of this area, we are making this a two-part blog post.

In this post, we are focusing on Nacoochee Village, which is the area just south of Helen. Habersham Winery is a well-known for their quality local wines and is the host of the Annual Winefest, usually held the first weekend in May.  Next door is the Nacoochee Village Antique Mall, with three floors of unique, rare, cool and funky items to browse through.   

Across the road, and right on the Chattahoochee River, is the famous Nora Mill, an operational grist mill since 1876.  Tour the mill and shop for jams, sauces, biscuit mix and of course, their delicious grits!  Next door is JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters, where you can buy fresh roasted gourmet coffee (to go with your biscuits and grits, of course)!

If you are up for an adventure, ZipnTime  Outdoor Adventures may be just what you are looking for!  With five different canopy tours to choose from, it will be an unforgettable experience, with unparalleled views.  We are very excited to have this type of fun attraction so close to Helen.  For more information, call 706-878-zips (9477).

All of this shopping and “zipping” will probably leave you hungry, and there are two great places to eat in Nacoochee Village. Nacoochee Grill is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, serving lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch.  Steaks seafood, sandwiches, salads…try the smoked trout and corn chowder- yummy!  If you are in the mood for more casual fare,  Tavern Pizza, right next to Nacoochee Grill, serves pizza, sandwiches and salads, along with an extensive beer selection.  They also have an outdoor patio where you can relax.

Rounding out the Nacoochee Village experience are more specialty shops, just above the restaurants.  The Red Door features fine home furnishings, gifts,  and ladies’ fashions; and the Willows Pottery Studio & Gallery is where you can watch the potters at work, and even paint the pottery yourself in their studio!  Take home a souvenir designed by- you!

Ok, guys, there is something for you, too- Unicoi Outfitters is just across the road.  Fly fishing specialists, they provide year-round guided tours of some of the best trout trophy waters in the area!  They also hold classes and the shop is chock full of gear.

So yes, there is more to Helen, Georgia, than just Helen.  Our North Georgia Cabins are located close to all of these attractions, for your comfort and convenience.  Next blog post we will highlight all that the mountain town of Sautee has to offer- don’t miss it!

Have you visited Sautee or Nacoochee Village?  What was your favorite part?  We’d love to hear about it.